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Cleaning and disposing of waste oils and emulsions

Cleaning and disposing of waste oils and emulsions

For our customers we perform professional cleaning of processing machines. Every processing machine should be professionally cleaned at least once a year (preferably every 6 months).

The process consists in applying the CLEANER + BAKTERICIDE SYSTEM to the machine 24 hours earlier, after all the emulsion and impurities are sucked in with the intended device, with the high pressure cleaner we clean all parts of the working machine, dip the new emulsion with the exact concentration or return the old filtered emulsion to the system.

 In case of systems with hydraulic and other oils, cleaning is done with a bypass device Alfa Laval that clings to the system and cleans the oil without extinguishing the machine.

 In the case of large quantities of hardening oil, the oil is drawn from the furnace into plastic vessels and transported to our plant for special cleaning (centrifugation, evaporation, filtration) and after returning to the client.

 Our company owns a license from a competent local authority for the safe attachment and disposal of dangerous substances, oils, lubricants, emulsions so that our client is included in the complete and closed system from DELIVERY to RESPIRATORY to oil and emulsion.