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Monitoring of oil and emulsions

Monitoring of oil and emulsions

Our field engineers are equipped to provide on-site Our field engineers are equipped to carry out on-the-spot analysis of the asset used. Tj. They are equipped and equipped to measure: pH values, concentration of emulsion with a recto-meter, temperature of the product in use, refrigerant concentration, water hardness, take a quality sample. In consultation with the laboratory, they can apply antibacterial, antipyret, additional emulsifier, and provide the correct technical advice for further use of the product.

It is also our practice to create a "Lube Plan" with customers, which contains lubricating points, lubricating charts with lubrication intervals, changes, oil refinements, etc.

Our Laboratory is equipped with equipment for several specific analyzes of used oils and lubricants, such as: Cooling curve oil for quenching, centrifugation of floating particles in oil, incubator for bacteria and fungi, foaming emulsion test, acid and alkaline reserve for oil tests. From taking a sample and final laboratory analysis with an opinion on the remaining lifetime of the agent's prolongation, a maximum of 24 hours passes. Current analysis of the used product.